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Literally and metaphorically, your single soup-to-nuts destination, Think Robotics, is a New Delhi-based innovators' collective. We’re here to look after all your DIY electronics project requirements. From essential school and college projects and leisure activities to engineering innovations, we design turn-key solutions for everyone. We understand that easy access to components and parts forms the basis of all great inventions. Think Robotics was founded to address this basic challenge of the availability of high-quality, reasonably-priced products with the quickest deliveries. We have an extensive range of products and detailed tutorials to assist you in creating your product. I ThinkRobotics is a platform for you to connect to a very active global community of nerds and develop new products. Register today to learn about the community’s latest projects!

Meet Our team

A 3D designer, marketing expert, educator, avid traveler, Pallavi comes with over 10 years of experience and designs STEAM based educational programs for school students. She is also the math wiz and takes care of all the finances of the company.

Pallavi Agarwal


A master in Electronics, Abhinav comes with an experience of 10 years in the education industry and manages the engineering department in the company. His expertise lies in 3D Modeling and PCB design development. As an educator Abhinav, has mentored about 15,000 students all over the Indian subcontinent.

Abhinav Gupta

Technical Manager

Engineer. Educator. Entrepreneur. Abhishek Agrawal is CEO of Atlantis Inc., headquartered at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Abhishek has worked in the education industry for 14 years of his career. He has pioneered in bringing technology and education closer by creating education disruptor modules.

Abhishek Agarwal


Gaurav is our in-house existing computer geek and computer engineer. He manages our online resources and all media platforms. His center of interest mainly focuses on Artificial Intelligence, Computer Security and Robotics. He is also a space enthusiast.

Gaurav Sarraf


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  • Associate - Accounts

    New Delhi, Delhi
    240,000 - 270,000 per YEAR