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Input voltage range: 2.5V~VOUT-0.5V The output voltage can be set to 5V/8V/9V/12V, the default is 12V Output performance: Take 3.7V lithium battery input as an example, it can output 5V 1.2A, 8V ...
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This is an ideal partner for all your USB port measurements. Offering a wide range of voltage and current testing, this device offers use in a variety of applications.  Thanks to the PD protocol qu...
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13 in 1 measurement: voltage, current, power, battery capacity, impedance, parameters such as temperature, energy and time, etc.  It is the perfect device for measuring power flow through a USB po...
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 This is a high-end USB Multimeter ideal for all your USB port measurements that require precision and versatility. Offering a wide range of voltage and current testing, this device offers use in a...
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This is a perfect device for measuring Voltage and current across a USB Device. With a high precision voltage and current meters, this device makes it easy to monitor power flow at USB ports. Detec...
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Product model: KWS-1902C Product size: 55x26.5x11.5mm Voltage: 4-30V Display: 0.96 inch color screen Current: 0-5A Voltage resolution: 0.002A Capacity: 0-999999mWh Current resolution: 0.002A Load ...