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Water Rockets

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Threads mated with standard soda bottles, low profile detachable fin system, variable nozzle inserts and the Ultimeter Nose Cone, HydroLaunch system allows for maximum experimentation when building...
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Launch > Deploy > Recover > Repeat Reusable parachute deployment for safe landings A reliable side-release parachute release mechanism that ejects the parachute perpendicular to the ...
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Track launch data for up to five launches on the device, and up to 1,000 records on SD card An instant always-ready-to-launch flight analysis tool for not just water rocketry but all forms of mode...
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Test Rocket Engines like rocket scientists inside your classroom Conducting the right kind of engine testing is key to successful rocket launches.  B.E.T.A. brings to you the ultimate engine tes...
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FUEL - PRESSURIZE - LAUNCH - REPEAT Launch rockets high into the sky using nothing but air pressure and water! The perfect S.T.E.M. companion for students, teachers and enthusiasts alike. The Hydro...