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  • Sampling of Signal

    Sampling of Signal

     Our world is filled with signals, the vibration due to the running of any motor or any audio/video signal. All of these real-world signals are analog signals and vary continuously concerning time. An analog signal is a signal that is entirely free to vary its amplitude

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  • Impedance Matching

    Impedance Matching

    Impedance matching is the process of simply making one impedance look like another. In high-frequency PCB design, Impedance matching means that when energy is transmitted
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  • Transmission Lines in PCBs

    Transmission Lines in PCBs

    In a general sense, transmission lines are electrical transmission lines connecting power supply of kilos of volts from the thermal generating station to distributors and consumers. However, there also exist transmission lines, which carry electricity of lower voltage and higher frequencies.
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  • Coordinate System

    Coordinate System

    Generally, a coordinate system is a system that uses one or more numbers, or coordinates, to locate the position of any point uniquely, line, place, or object concerning some reference system.
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  • Understanding CRO

    Understanding CRO

    All the electronic gadgets we use like calculator, Tablet, smartphones, and even computer has various components on its Printed Circuit Boards.
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  • AC and DC

    AC and DC

    All of us, at some point, would have got a doubt about AC & DC. To put it in simple words, Alternating current (AC) is defined as the flow of charges that change direction periodically, and Direct current (DC) has a unidirectional flow of charges and remains the same as long as terminals connected are not changed.
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  • Paper Battery

    Paper Battery

    With the rapid increase in energy demands, there is a need to develop efficient, highly capable yet compact energy storage devices, and guess what, scientists have already invented the cure. Paper batteries are incredibly lightweight, ultrathin,
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  • Effects of temperature on Battery Life

    Effects of temperature on Battery Life

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    Be it humans or machines under extreme conditions, both struggles, with the latter more vulnerable to failure. Both are designed to function/sustain within a specific temperature range. So is the case with the energy sources- Battery. 

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  • C-Rate of Batteries

    C-Rate of Batteries

    Some of the defining features of batteries are Nominal Voltage, Specific Energy, State-of-charge (SOC). This article talks about the battery capacity or more precisely the C-Rating.  Definition The C rate...
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