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  • Sampling of Signal

    Sampling of Signal

     Our world is filled with signals, the vibration due to the running of any motor or any audio/video signal. All of these real-world signals are analog signals and vary continuously concerning time. An analog signal is a signal that is entirely free to vary its amplitude

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  • AC and DC

    AC and DC

    All of us, at some point, would have got a doubt about AC & DC. To put it in simple words, Alternating current (AC) is defined as the flow of charges that change direction periodically, and Direct current (DC) has a unidirectional flow of charges and remains the same as long as terminals connected are not changed.
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  • C-Rate of Batteries

    C-Rate of Batteries

    Some of the defining features of batteries are Nominal Voltage, Specific Energy, State-of-charge (SOC). This article talks about the battery capacity or more precisely the C-Rating.  Definition The C rate...
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