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Load image into Gallery viewer, JetBot Professional Version ROS AI Kit
Load image into Gallery viewer, JetBot Professional Version ROS AI Kit
Load image into Gallery viewer, JetBot Professional Version ROS AI Kit
Load image into Gallery viewer, JetBot Professional Version ROS AI Kit
Load image into Gallery viewer, JetBot Professional Version ROS AI Kit
Load image into Gallery viewer, JetBot Professional Version ROS AI Kit
Load image into Gallery viewer, JetBot Professional Version ROS AI Kit
Load image into Gallery viewer, JetBot Professional Version ROS AI Kit

JetBot Professional Version ROS AI Kit, Dual Controllers AI Robot, Lidar Mapping, Vision Processing

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JetBot ROS AI Robot

NVIDIA Official Partner Product

JetBot AI Kit Professional Version

This is a high-performance AI Jetbot for people who learn and develop the ROS system. It adopts the ROS system and two controllers: the microcontroller of Raspberry Pi RP2040 and the AI host controller of JETSON-NANO-DEV- KIT-A. As the expansion board integrates OLED, servo motor drive circuit, battery protection circuit, the audio output circuit and so on, you do not need to weld the circuit. It can be charged without unloading, so you do not need to remove the batteries repeatedly. It features the built-in IMU posture sensor, and the DC encoder motor controls the rotating speed through PID, which can output wheel odometry data. In terms of the software, it is compatible with NVIDIA JetBot open source project program, supports AI deep learning, SLAM mapping and navigation, OpenCV visual processing, intelligent voice interaction, etc.


  • Onboard 3 x 2600mah 18650 batteries, its voltage output is up to 12.6V with stronger motor power.
  • Onboard S-8254AA + AO4407A lithium battery protection circuit, it can prevent overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, and has short circuit protection.
  • The onboard INA219 is convenient for real-time monitoring of battery voltage and charging current.
  • With 0.91-inch 128 × 32 resolution OLED, it can display real-time data from the car, such as IP address, memory, battery power, etc.
  • Featured MPU9250 IMU posture sensor, the direction of the robot can be accurately judged.
  • With the coded DC gear motor, it supports PID debugging and outputs wheel odometry data.
  • With Raspberry Pi RP2040 dual-core micro-controller, it has better real-time performance and higher accuracy in control.
  • Adopting the ROS system and a series of visual software, it can be developed more.
  • Support I2C slave mode control, it is fully compatible with NVIDIA JetBot open source project program without porting and is easy to achieve AI functions such as obstacle avoidance and autonomous line tracking.


It meets the needs of scientific research algorithm verification in various fields such as Lidar mapping, autonomous navigation, autonomous self driving, intelligent speech, target detection, face recognition, etc. It is not only compatible with the NVIDIA Jetbot open-source project program, but also is overall upgraded in hardware with better performance

MICROCONTROLLER N/A Raspberry Pi RP2040 Chip
MOTOR TT motor
Reduction rate 1:48
Idle speed 240RPM
37-520 Metal Encoder Motor
Reduction Rate 1:30
Idle Speed 333RPM
MOTOR ENCODER N/A 11 wire AB phase hall speed sensor, supports wheel odometry
AUDIO INTERFACE N/A Double Speakers, Dual Microphones, Support Intelligent speech

Intelligent Dual-Controller Design

The host controller adopts Waveshare Jetson Nano Kit, which is equipped with Jetson Nano Module 16GB eMMC version, 4GB memory and has better performance. This controller is responsible for Artificial Intelligence (AI), speech processing, visual processing, mapping and navigation, etc.
The sub-controller uses the Raspberry Pi RP2040 dual-core microcontroller, which has better real-time performance and higher control accuracy, and is responsible for attitude data collection and motion control.

Adopting USB Communication, Transmission Speed Faster Than The UART


Developed Based On ROS

ROS (Robot Operation System) is an open-source operating system that includes a collection of software libraries and tools for robot design. It provides the services expected of an operating system, including hardware abstraction, bottom layer device control, implementation of common functions, message transfering between processes, and package management. ROS simplifies robot design and is the mainstream robot software framework in the world.

Support I2C Slave Mode Control

Completely Compatible With Original JetBot Demo

The Expansion Board Supports I2C Slave Mode Control Without Porting And Completely Compatible With NVIDIA JetBot Open-Source Project Program, Easily Realizing AI Functions Such As Obstacle Avoidance And Auto Line Tracking.

SLAM Lidar Mapping

Mapping With Odometer, IMU, Lidar, EKF, Etc.
Supports Gmapping, Hector, Karto, And Cartographer Mapping Algorithms

Path Planning, Autonomous Navigation,
Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance

Adaptive Monte Carlo Localization (AMCL) | Move_base Autonomous Navigation

Supports Single-Point Navigation, Multi-Point Patrol Navigation, And Mapping While Navigating

Single-point Navigation
After publishing the navigation target position, the robot will automatically plan the path to navigate to the target position.

Multipoint Patrol Navigation
Add navigation dots, the robot will cruise and navigate between the navigation dots.

Mapping while navigating

After publishing the navigation target position, the robot will automatically explore the path to the target point, and publish it while scanning the map.

OpenCV Vision Processing

Integrates OpenCV Vision Library, With Extensive Algorithm Demos


Intelligent Speech Processing, Human-Robot Speech Interaction

Supports Remote Speech Intercom, Speech Synthesis, Speech Detection, Speech Recognition, Human-Computer Speech Interaction

Real-Time Remote Speech Transmission, Allowing Robots To Deliver Conversations

Real-Time Speech Transmission Between The Computer And The Robot, Enables Two-Way Remote Communication

Speech Synthesis Playback, Let The Robot Speak

Convert Text To Natural, Smooth Vocals And Play
Send A Text Topic To The Robot, And You Can Hear It Talking

Speech Detection To Let The Robot Know I'm Speaking

Detects The Sound Of The Audio Stream And Removes The Mute Part
Only Take The Part That The Person Speaks

Speech Recognition, Let The Robot Understand What I Say

Recognize Audio As Text

Block Diagram

High-Power Encoder DC Gear Motor

High-Quality Carbon Brushes, All-Metal Gear Structure, High Precision, Low Running Noise, 11-Wire AB-Phase Hall Speed Encoder, Support PID Closed-Loop Speed Control To Calculate Wheel Odometer Information

IMU Sensor

Built-In High-Precision 9-Axis Motion Attitude Sensor, Using Extended Kalman Filter To Merge Wheel Odometer And IMU Data, Can Produce Higher-Precision Robot Attitude

360 Degree Laser Ranging Lidar

360-Degree Scanning And Ranging Of The Surrounding Environment To Obtain A Contour Map Around The Robot

8MP 160 FOV Camera

IMX219 Sensor, 3280 X 2464 Resolution
Suitable For OpenCV Vision Development, Object Recognition, Target Tracking, Automatic Driving And Other AI Functions

Using USB Audio Chip

Onboard Two High-Quality MEMS Silicon Microphones And Dual Speakers For Stereo Recording And Playback
So The Robot Also Has "Ears" And "Mouths" That Can "Listen" And "Talk". Easily Realize Intelligent Speech Interaction

Safe & Stable Circuit Design

Onboard battery protection circuit for preventing overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, short circuit proof, with reverse proof, and equalizing charge. Makes your operation more stable and safer. Built-in battery detection circuit, onboard OLED to real-time display the battery voltage, current, and remaining battery capacity.

Product Structure

Highly Integrated Expansion Board




Package Contains:

  1. 1x ThinkRobotics Jetson Nano 4GB B01 Dev Kit (Optional)
  2. 1x Cardboard Case
  3. 1x JetBot ROS chassis
  4. 1x JetBot ROS expansion board
  5. 1x RPLIDAR A1
  6. 2x High power encoder motor
  7. 1x Acrylic piece
  8. 1x Wireless-AC8265 with antennas
  9. 1x IMX219-160 Camera
  10. 1x Acrylic camera spacer
  11. 1x 1-inch caster
  12. 1x Cooling fan
  13. 1x 65mm Tire
  14. 1x Wireless gamepad
  15. 1x USB adapter
  16. 1x Camera holder
  17. 2x PH2.0 6PIN Cable
  18. 1x 12.6V 2A battery charger
  19. 2x 6mm hole Coupler
  20. 4x Coupler screws
  21. 1x Mini cross wrench sleeve
  22. 1x Spanner
  23. 1x Allen Spanner
  24. 1x Screwdriver 2PCS
  25. 1x Screws pack

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