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Setup Raspberry Pi

Setup Raspberry PI - ThinkRobotics

Components Required:

  1. Raspberry Pi 3 B+
  2. SD Card
  3. Micro USB Cable with Adapter
  4. Monitor with HDMI cable
  5. Mouse and Keyboard

Software Required:

  1. Raspbian Operating System.
  2. Etcher SD Card Flashing Tool

Step 1: Flashing Operating System in SD Card


Step 2: Insert the SD Card in Raspberry Pi Board along with Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor and power adapter.


Step 3: Power up the Raspberry Pi and see the raspbian os desktop


Step 4: Update the firmware

Open terminal and enter the following commands

sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get upgrade

Enter (y) if asked for permissions

It can take upto 10-15 mins depending upon your internet speed.

Author: Nakul Garg

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