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3D Printing: Industrial Revolution 2.0

6 Advantages of 3D Printing That Brought Industrial Revolution 2.0

Converting a digital design into a tangible product without huge manufacturing costs, 3D printing is revolutionising the world in many ways. Students, entrepreneurs, factories or hobbyists are using this technology to literally and figuratively give shape to their ideas. Also known as additive manufacturing, it is being used by big and small businesses as a part or the sole tool in the manufacturing line to reduce assembly complexity.

Affordability and swiftness with precision are the main factors for its popularity and growth. An entrepreneur working on a product equipped with design freedom and ability to produce realistic prototypes with lowest possible cost is the perfect success story of 3D printing.

While 3D Printing improves design control, reduces production cycle, resolve assembly line difficulties and produces lightweight and sturdy structures, it has many other advantages.


With 3D printing very complex designs can be manufactured within a few hours. This is one of the fastest and most efficient ways of going from an idea to a product. Even with post-processing as an inclusion, this technique is a major time-saver for small volumes of products. This can assist in rapid ideation and more time for marketing and research.


While a 3D printing machine comes with initial investment but automation of manufacturing and assembly line covers up the costs very quickly. Independently producing a single piece of product was never cheaper. Many big companies have been able to immensely cut-down their production costs due to 3D printing.


When a designer can control the volumes and speed of manufacturing, it becomes easy to bear mistakes and make improvements without investing too much time, effort and money. Being able to verify a mass production-ready prototype with least amount of financial impact is like a superpower for an entrepreneur or a student.

Design and complexity freedom

The process of adding precise layers of material on foundation can lead to creation of very complex designs, otherwise impossible in traditional manufacturing techniques. It enables designers and creators to think independently of any production issues and upload very intricate CAD design and get desired results.

Single-step production

While planning manufacturing, one of the major concerns is seamless organisation of different modules of the procedure. With 3D printing congregation of various steps is eliminated. Due its unique way of production, 3Dprinting technology ensures that the most complex of designs is manufactured within single step.


Since manufacturers can control almost every aspect of a product including the numbers, it is very easy to offer customisation to the user. This also eliminates any storage cost that is required in traditional mass-production. Once the product is verified, investors and customers can be presented with as many options of the product as possible.

Think Robotics works on this principle of customisation for its 3D printing services. Our fabrication lab consists of multiple 3Dprinters that provide options to choose from a wide variety of materials and colours. Our services are ideal for students, entrepreneurs and even hobbyists who want to customise a product or a part of a product with volumes as low as a single piece. We also provide assistance in CAD software for design and development of the product.

Upload your designs or contact us to get solutions to any of your 3D printing queries.