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Load image into Gallery viewer, BH1417F FM Radio Transmitter Module -
Load image into Gallery viewer, BH1417F FM Radio Transmitter Module -
Load image into Gallery viewer, BH1417F FM Radio Transmitter Module -
Load image into Gallery viewer, BH1417F FM Radio Transmitter Module -

BH1417F FM Radio Transmitter Module

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This transmitter board using refined double panel, excellent quality, using high-quality high-frequency special electronic component, PCB pads are tinned, ensure the welding quality, assembled into finished products can be directly put on the market, non-general student training kit comparable quality.
Product Features: Converts stereo audio signal input into the FM wave emitted for FM radio reception, realize the function of wireless transmission of stereo audio signals, a pilot system FM stereo transmitter. 
High-frequency circuits using PLL FM stereo transmitter integrated circuit chip BH1417F (or their own replacement for BH1416F), the operating frequency is quite stable, because the body does not produce induction frequency drift, operating frequency is set by DIP switch control, if BH1416F, emission frequency can debug seven frequencies for low-end 76.8,77.0,77.2,77.4,77.6,77.8,78.0 optional or optional high 88.0,88.2,88.4,88.6,88.8,89.0,89.2 seven frequencies, using one meter antenna its transmission distance of about 100 meters in open areas; if BH1417F, transmit frequency can debug options for low-end or high-frequency 87.7,87.9,88.1,88.3,88.5,88.7,88.9 seven 106.7,106.9,107.1,107.3,107.5 , 107.7,107.9 seven frequencies available, simply change the frequency of replacement DIP switch coding to board. Suitable for teaching or school counseling student radio radio enthusiasts assembly, installation and commissioning of complete specification (including schematics, assembly drawings), does not contain audio transmission line.
Model: BH1417F
Dimensions: 80x45mm
Working voltage: 9-12V (Tip: if you need 4-6V(5V), please you contact me, 5V versions, you can use the USB port power supply)
Antenna length: 1m
Transmission Distance: 50-100m (open space)
14 operation Frequencys can select by DIP switch:
  • L L L L 87.7MHZ
  • H L L L 87.9 MHZ
  • L H L L 88.1 MHZ
  • H H L L 88.3 MHZ
  • L L H L 88.5 MHZ
  • H L H L 88.7 MHZ
  • L H H L 88.9 MHZ
  • L L L H 106.7 MHZ
  • H L L H 106.9 MHZ
  • L H L H 107.1 MHZ
  • H H L H 107.3 MHZ
  • L L H H 107.5 MHZ
  • H L H H 107.7 MHZ
  • L H H H 107.9 MHZ

The kit can also be applied to BH1415F IC, MCU control part only required by the buyers of their own design. The hands-on experience using BH1415F reference: first make use of BH1417F circuit, after successful commissioning BH1417F and under the DIP switch welding, put BH1415F, connect the programming part of the circuit, this would at least ensure that the hardware part of the work is normal, attention , BH1415F must be soldered.




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