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Load image into Gallery viewer, BNO080 High-Precision 9 axis AHRS Sensor Module
Load image into Gallery viewer, BNO080 High-Precision 9 axis AHRS Sensor Module

BNO080 High-Precision 9 axis AHRS Sensor Module

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Jointly Developed by Bosch and Hillcrest Labs, with High-Performance Accelerometer, Magnetometer and Gyroscope, BNO080/085 Is a 9 Axes System-Level Package (SiP) that adopts 32-Bit ARM Cortex M0 + MCU with Low Power Consumption in Small Package. Freespace®Sensor Hub Software Is Pre-Integrated on BNO080/085, Providing Excellent 9 Axes and 6-Axis Motion Tracking.
BNO080/085 provides application-specific configuration, functions and performance in a small turnkey assembly. by shortening product rollout time, shortening development time and BOM cost, as well as providing the highest precision and quality, OEM benefits.
If I2C Is not your first communication choice, the sensor can also communicate with UART or SPI. This version uses 32 KHz crystal onboard.


The BNO080 can communicate through a variety of interfaces. The Qwiic VR IMU has two jumpers that allows the user to select their interface of choice.

  • I2C (Default): Up to 400kHz
  • SPI: Up to 3MHz
  • UART: 3Mbps
  • UART-RVC (Robot Vacuum Cleaners): 115200kbps

Performance Characteristics:

  • Rotation Vector
    • Dynamic Error: 3.5°
    • Static Error: 2.0°
  • Gaming Rotation Vector
    • Dynamic Error: 2.5°
    • Static Error: 1.5°
    • Heading Drift: 0.5° / min
  • Geomagnetic Rotation Vector
    • Dynamic Rotation Error: 4.5°
    • Static Rotation Error: 3.0°
  • Gravity Angle Error: 1.5°
  • Linear Acceleration Accuracy: 0.35m/s2
  • Accelerometer Accuracy: 0.3m/s2
  • Gyroscope Accuracy: 3.1° / sec
  • Magnetometer Accuracy: 1.4μT

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