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EMB1061 BLE Module

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EMB1061 is an embedded BLE module by MXCHIP. It integrates a BLE4.2 single mode SOC, including ARM Cortex-M0 Core, BLE/2.4G Radio, 24KB RAM, 160KB Flash and rich peripherals. EMB1061 uses half-hole package which is easy for soldering.

Hardware diagram is shown below with three main parts:

  • 32-bit Cortex-M0 Core
  • BLE 2.4GHz RF
  • Power management


  • Up to 16MHz ARM Cortex-M0 MCU with 24KB RAM , 160KB FLASH, UART,I2C,SPI,ADC,Timer/PWM
  • RF part: support PCB antenna or IPEX connector
  • Power management: DC3.3V power supply, operating voltage range: 1.7V~3.6V


  • Based on an ultra-low power BLE SOC

- ARM Cortex-M0 Core 32MHz
- 24KB RAM
- 160KB Flash

  • Operating Voltage: 1.7V~3.6V
  •  Bluetooth Features

- Support Bluetooth 4.2 (BLE single mode)
- Max TX power: 8dBm
- Min RX sensitivity: -87dBm
- Support BLE Master/ Slave mode
- Support broadcasting, data encryption,and adaptive frequency hopping

  • Operating Temperature:-40℃ to +105℃
  • Antenna: PCB antenna or IPEX connector (Optional) 


  • Intelligent lighting
  • Smart Home Application
  • Wearables
  • Smart healthcare
  • Portable devices

EMB1061 pin


Operating Conditions

EMB1061 would be unstable when input voltage is less than the lowest rated voltage. Range of input voltage:

Symbol Illustration Condition  Details 
Minimum  Typ  Maximum  Unit 
VDD  Power Supply    1.7  3.3  3.6 



There would be permanent damage in hardware if the device operates at the voltage over rated value.


Meanwhile, reliability could be influenced when the device has a long-term operating at maximum voltage.


Absolute maximum voltage rating:

Symbol Description Minimum Typ Unit
VDD Module input voltage 3.8 V
VIN GPIO input voltage 3.8 V


Power Consumption:

  Mode Description Average Max
TA=25°C TA=25°C
Power consumption
CPU_HALT CPU running halted, all peripherals keep running and can wake up CPU by interrupt/event. 2.49mA 2.63mA
Advertise every 1.28s, keep in TIMER_SLEEP    mode between the advertisement intervals. 19.53uA 8.43mA
Connected Keep connected with other BLE device, communicate every 50ms, and keep in TIMER_SLEEP    mode between the communication intervals. 138.96uA 8.39mA
Scanning Scan every 1.28s, and kee in TIMER_SLEEP    mode between the scan intervals. 568.75uA 8.26mA
CPU and all peripherals OFF, internal slow RC clock and wakeup pins ON
Can be waked up by internal RTC or wakeup pins(IO9/10/11/12/13).
Wake up every 10s in this test.
3.54uA 2.76mA
Standby CPU and all peripherals OFF Wakeup pins ON
Can be waked up by wakeup pins
375.98nA 2.68uA


Working Environment:

Symbol Name Maximum Unit
TSTG Storage Temperature -40 to +110
TA Operation Temperature -40 to +105
Humidity Non-condensing, Relative humidity 95 %


Electrostatic Discharge:

Symbol Name Details Level Maximum Unit
VESD(HBM) Electrostatic discharge voltage
(Human Body Model)
TA= +25 °C , JESD22-A114 2 2000
VESD(CDM) Electrostatic discharge voltage
(Charged Device Model)
TA = +25 °C , JESD22-C101 II 500



Part List

EMB1061 BLE Module x 1



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