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HiWonder ROSPug - Professional Quadruped Robotic Platform

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Professional Quadruped Robotic Plaftorm

ROSPug Smart Robot Dog

ROS | Gait Planning | Machine Vision | SLAM Navigation

ROSPug is smart quadruped robot dog built upon Robot Operating System (ROS). It is equipped with 12 high-voltage strong-magnetic serial bus servos and integrates a  range of high-performance components, including NVIDIA Jetson Nano controller, TOF  Lidar, HD camera, IMU sensor, OLED display, and more. Featuring self-developed dynamic balancing kinematics algorithm, it can switch seamlessly between multiple gaits.

ROSPug supports Gazebo simulation, providing users with a valuable platform to learn and validate quadruped kinematics algorithms and path planning. Thanks to the robust computing power of its controller, ROSPug can perform tasks such as SLAM mapping navigation, path planning, dynamic obstacle avoidance, climbing, obstacle bypassing, and many other applications. We also offer solutions for expansion of ROSPug's capabilities, including deep learning, machine vision, and other development projects to meet users' specific needs.


Original Appearance, Innovative Design

12 DOF Aluminium Alloy Structure

ROSPug employs 12 high-performance servos, distributed across its elbow, shoulder, and hip joints of each leg, closely mimicking the post of a real quadruped animal. Its entire body is crafted from aluminum alloy, with the calf joint reinforced by metal bearings, ensuring both low weight and high strength.

Link Structure  Enhanced Joint Efficiency

ROSPug features a link structure design that enhances the speed of the calf joint and ensures smooth motion without interference, thereby extending the leg's rotation range.


Inverse Kinematics - GAIT Planning

1. Support Walk, Amble and Trot Gaits

Walk, Amble, and Trot gaits can be achieved by fine-tuning the touchdown time, lift time, lifted height of each leg, and the timing of switching between front and hind legs.

2. Link Inverse Kinematics

ROSPug comes with a visual PC software for action editing, allowing users to define end coordinates for each leg. The robot then employs an inverse kinematics algorithm to calculate angles of each servo, creating a motion profile that enables its feet to reach the desired target locations.


3. Adjustable Walking Height, Speed and Pose

ROSPug's height, inclination, pitch angle and roll angle can be freely adjusted. Users can collectively adjust these variables to achieve both walking and turning motions.


4. Multi-pose Overlaid Motion

ROSPug can combine various gaits within motion. Its height and inclination can be dynamically adjusted while in motion, and it can execute turns while walking. Users have the flexibility to collectively fine-tune these parameters.


5. Provide Inverse Kinematics Function & Debugging Software

To support users in exploring ROSPug's capabilities, we offer detailed quadruped kinematics analysis, ROS-based inverse kinematics functions, and parameter debugging software. These resources will facilitate your research in robotic kinematics and streamline the development process.


Built-in IMU Pose Sensor

Pose Self-balancing with IMU

ROSPug integrates an IMU sensor capable of real-time pose monitoring and data acquisition for closed-loop control. Regardless of the plane's inclination, ROSPug can promptly adjust its joints to maintain balance.

Yaw Angle Correction with IMU

When ROSPug's yaw angle changes due to external forces during motion, its internal algorithm will automatically adjust the speed of ROSPug's feet to restore it to the initial value.


Lidar for SLAM Mapping Navigation

ROSPug is equipped with TOF Lidar that scans the environment in a 360-degree manner using laser. This enables advanced functions such as mapping navigation, path planning, dynamic obstacle avoidance, and various other SLAM-based applications. Furthermore, it can utilize Lidar for engaging in intriguing tasks, including Lidar tracking and Lidar guarding.

Lidar Mapping Navigation

TOF Lidar employs mapping algorithms such as Gmapping, Hector, Karto, and others for mapping purposes. Additionally, it supports fixed-point navigation, multi-point navigation, and TEB path planning.

Multi-point Navigation Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance

TOF Lidar can detect the surroundings in real-time, allowing ROSPug to dynamically plan paths and avoid obstacles when executing multi-point navigation.


Lidar Guarding

ROSPug utilizes TOF Lidar to scan the secured area. Upon detecting an intruder, it will automatically turn toward the intruder and activate an alarm.

Lidar Tracking

ROSPug can work with Lidar to scan and subsequently track a moving target ahead.



Vision-guided Recognition & Tracking

ROSPug’s head is loaded with an HD wide-angle camera, enabling it to recognize and locate targets for a wide array of engaging AI games. These include activities like color recognition, autonomous navigation, tag recognition, KCF target tracking, and various others.


Enhanced Motion Performance, Upgraded Technology


Autonomous PID Line Following

By utilizing the PID algorithm for computation and employing camera-based recognition, ROSPug can change its gait to successfully follow the line.

Low Clearance Passage

By identifying the door's height and location, ROSPug adjusts its own height to navigate across it.

Stairs Climbing

ROSPug excels in using its vision to accurately detect stairs ahead, enabling it to navigate both ascending and descending stairs.

Ball Shooting

ROSPug utilizes OpenCV to determine ball's position and employs a PID algorithm for real-time ball tracking. This approach allows it to fine-tune its gait to achieve accurate ball shooting, considering the distance from the target and the target's location.


MediaPipe Development  Action Capturing

Developed upon MediaPipe algorithm, ROSPug can identify human body features, facilitating interactions such as face detection, emotion recognition, gesture recognition, and human body recognition, among others.


Cross-Platform Remote Control

App Control (Android / iOS)

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android systems, offering a wide range of AI games and live first-person-view camera feeds.


Action Group Editing Software

Debug Action on PC Software -> Save it to control panel -> Control terminal configures control command

Using Graphical PC software, you can effortlessly control servos and customise actions by simply dragging sliders, without the need for programming


 Hardware Highlight





ROS Robot Operating System 

Global Popular Robotic Communication Framework

ROS is an open-source meta operating system for robots. It provides some basic services, such as hardware abstraction, low level device control, implementation of commonly used functionality, message-passing between processes, and package management. And it also offers the tools and library functions needed to obtain, compile, write and run code across computers. It aims at providing code reuse support for robotic research and development.



Gazebo Simulation

ROSPug utilizes the ROS framework and offers Gazebo simulation support. Gazebo provides a novel approach for controlling ROSPug and validating algorithms within a simulated environment, reducing the need for physical experiments and enhancing efficiency.

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