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Load image into Gallery viewer, RaspRover Open-source 4WD AI Robot for Raspberry Pi 5
Load image into Gallery viewer, RaspRover Open-source 4WD AI Robot for Raspberry Pi 5
Load image into Gallery viewer, RaspRover Open-source 4WD AI Robot for Raspberry Pi 5
Load image into Gallery viewer, RaspRover Open-source 4WD AI Robot for Raspberry Pi 5
Load image into Gallery viewer, RaspRover Open-source 4WD AI Robot for Raspberry Pi 5
Load image into Gallery viewer, RaspRover Open-source 4WD AI Robot for Raspberry Pi 5
Load image into Gallery viewer, RaspRover Open-source 4WD AI Robot for Raspberry Pi 5

RaspRover Open-source 4WD AI Robot for Raspberry Pi 5

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Raspberry Pi:
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Open-Source 4WD AI Robot, Small Size & Powerful
Offers More Creative Potential And Possibilities For You




The RaspRover is an AI robot designed for exploration and creation, seamlessly connecting your imagination with reality. Suitable for tech enthusiasts, makers, or beginners in programming, it is your ideal choice for exploring the world of intelligent technology.

Equipped with the high-performance Raspberry Pi computer to meet the challenges of complex strategies and functions, and inspire your creativity. Adopts dual-controller design, combines the high-level AI functions of the host controller with the high-frequency basic operations of the sub controller, making every operation accurate and smooth.

Easy to be controlled remotely via RaspRover Web Application without downloading any software, just open your browser and start your journey. Supports high-frame rate real-time video transmission and multiple AI Computer Vision functions, the RaspRover is an ideal platform to realize your ideas and creativity!

Kit Selection

Optional Pan-Tilt Module (PT Version only) for better expansion potential. Options for host controller (Raspberry Pi 4B / Raspberry Pi 5), or you can choose the Acce Version if you've got a Pi. All kits are equipped with a camera, mounting accessories, TF card, cooling fan, etc.

MODEL RaspRover PT PI4B/PI5 AI Kit RaspRover PT PI4B/PI5 AI Kit Acce RaspRover PI4B/PI5 AI Kit RaspRover PI4B/PI5 AI Kit Acce
DIMENSION 172.40×182.91×251.25mm 172.40×182.91×132.13mm
WEIGHT 1330±5g 1283±5g 1054±5g 1007±5g
HOST CONTROLLER RPi 4B 4GB / RPi 5 4GB NOT included RPi 4B 4GB / RPi 5 4GB NOT included
BATTERY SUPPORT 18650 lithium battery x 3 (NOT included)
DEMO CONTROL METHODS Web application / Jupyter Lab interactive programming
MINIMUM TURNING RADIUS 0M (In-situ rotation)


Based On Raspberry Pi

Supports Raspberry Pi 5 / Raspberry Pi 4B, Offering Powerful Computing Performance For More Possibilities

Connecting with Raspberry Pi 4B

Connecting with Raspberry Pi 5

CSI Camera for Raspberry Pi 4B

USB Camera for Raspberry Pi 5


Dual-Controller Design, Provides Efficient Collaboration And Upgraded Performance

The Host Controller Adopts Raspberry Pi For AI Vision And Strategy Planning, And The Sub Controller Uses ESP32 For Motion Control And Sensor Data Processing


360° Flexible Omnidirectional Pan-Tilt

Equipped With 5MP 160° Wide-Angle Camera For Capturing Every Detail

The Pan-Tilt adopts high-speed bus servos for better control experience as FPS games


Suitable For Tactical Extension

Comes With 21mm Wide Rail And 20KG.CM High-Torque & 106RPM High-Speed Bus Servo For Tactical Extension

for reference only, the accessories in the picture above are NOT included


Continuing The Adventure As Night Falls

High-Brightness LED Light For Ensuring Clear Images In Low-Light Conditions

(* the LED light is only available on PT version)


Easy To Control Via
Cross-Platform Web Application

No App Installation Required, Allows Users To Connect And Control The Robot Via Mobile Phones, Tablets And Computers Via Browser Web App. Supports Shortcut Key Control Such As WASD And The Mouse Via A PC With Keyboard


Real-Time Wireless Transmission Of High Frame Rate Video

Adopts Flask Lightweight Web Application, Supports Real-Time Transmission Of High-Frame Rate Video And Digital Zoom. Based On Python And Easy To Extend, Working Seamlessly With OpenCV


Recognition, Tracking, And Targeting

Based On OpenCV To Achieve Color Recognition And Automatic Targeting. Supports One-Key Pan-Tilt Control And Automatic LED Lighting, Allows Expansion For More Functions


Face Detection: Automatic Picture Or Video Capturing

Based On OpenCV To Achieve Face Recognition, Supports Automatic Photo Taking Or Video Recording Once A Face Is Recognized


Intelligent Object Recognition

Supports Recognizing For Many Common Objects With The Default Model


Gesture Recognition:
AI Interaction With Body Language

Combines OpenCV And MediaPipe To Realize Gesture Control Of Pan-Tilt And LED

Gesture control for photo taking

LED ON/OFF and blacklight control


More MediaPipe Demos For Easily Creating
Complex Video Processing Tasks

MediaPipe is an open-source framework developed by Google for building cross-platform multimedia processing pipelines, provides a set of pre-built components and tools, its high-performance processing capability enables the robot to respond to and process complex multimedia inputs such as real-time video analytics.

Face Recognition

Attitude Detection


Vision Line Tracking For Autonomous Driving

Integrated With Vision Line Tracking Function On The Computer Vision Demo, Comes With Yellow Tape For Easier Planning A Path For The Robot. Users Can Understand The Basic Algorithms Of Autonomous Driving With This Simple Demo


Reserved Space For Expanding Peripherals

Reserved Space On The Mounting Plate With M2.5 Mounting Holes, For Installing D500 / STL27L LIDAR Or Other Peripherals

* Comes with screws and cables for installing the D500 LIDAR, please refer to WIKI for more details. The D500 LIDAR and battery set are NOT included.


40PIN GPIO Extended Header

The Robot Only Occupies The URAT Interface Of The Raspberry Pi GPIO For Communication, Adapting Outer Side 40PIN Header Of The Driver Board For Expanding More Peripherals And Functions


Multiple Audio Interaction Methods

Equipped With Audio Driver Board, Dual-Track Speaker, And Onboard Microphone, Built In 3.5mm Audio Jack For Connecting Peripherals To Achieve Text-To-Speech And Audio Playing


Obtains Real-Time Information Feedback

Real-Time Monitoring The Operating Status Of The Robot


Web Page Command Line Tool
Multiple Functions For Easier Expansion

Quick To Set Up, Easy To Expand
Easily Customize And Add New Functions Without Modifying Front-End Code


ESP-NOW Wireless Communication Between Robots

Based On ESP-NOW Communication Protocol, Multiple Robots Can Communicate With Each Other Without IP Or MAC Address, Achieving Multi-Device Collaboration With 100-Microsecond Low-Latency Communication


Supports Pan-Tilt Vertical Stabilization Function For Various Road Conditions

Supports Camera Stabilization Function Based On IMU Sensor To Keep The Image Stable. Realizes IMU Data Reading, Calculation And Pan-Tilt Control Via Sub Controller, Which Will Not Occupy Computing Resources Of The Host


Gamepad Control For Better Operation Experience

Comes With A Wireless Gamepad, Making Robot Control More Flexible. You Can Connect The USB Receiver To Your PC And Control The Robot Remotely Via The Internet. Provides Open Source Demo For Customizing Your Own Interaction Method


Supports 4G/5G Expansion

Supports Installing 4G/5G Module For The Application Scenarios Without WiFi

* You may need to use Tunneling Service such as Ngrok, Cpolar, or LocalTunnel to expose the local network service of the robot (Flask application) to the Internet so that you can control the robot from anywhere.


Cross-Platform Interactive Tutorial
Develop While You Learn

Supports Accessing Jupyter Lab Via Devices Such As Mobile Phones And Tablets To Read The Tutorials And Edit The Code On The Web Page, Making Development Easier


Rich Tutorial Resources

We Provide Complete Tutorials And Demos To Help Users Get Started Quickly For Learning And Secondary Development



Open-Source All Demos
Full Dual-Controller Technology Stack


18650 Lithium Battery Support

Onboard High-Efficiency UPS Module, Supports Charging And Discharging At The Same Time To Ensure Continuous Standby Time

* the 18650 batteries are NOT included

 High Strength Aluminum Body


 High-Speed Motor + High-Frequency PID Closed-Loop Speed Control

The Sub Controller Performs High-Frequency PID Closed-Loop Speed Control, Supports Quick Response And Accurate Speed Control, With High-Speed Motors, Up To 0.65m/S


More Design Details

Automatically creates a hotspot for accessing when there is no available network connection after powering on

Built in high-efficient active cooling for long-time operation of the host controller even when compiling complex ROS2 packages

OLED display for real-time information displaying

Supports expanding external battery set via DC5521 port


Multi-Functional Driver Board

  • Used as the sub controller of the robot, onboard ESP32 module and can be controlled via serial port, http request, ESP-NOW and other communication protocols, provides a web application for some basic control of the robot.
  • ESP32 can handle low-level computations for the robot, such as high-frequency PID controller for controlling wheel speed, high-frequency inverse kinematics calculations for robotic arm linkages, position interpolation calculation, Pan-Tilt angle control and OLED screen control, etc.
  • ESP32 is also responsible for data reading of various sensors, such as IMU (9-axis attitude sensor) and INA219 (battery voltage detection), and can independently achieve the camera vertical stabilization function, effectively saving computing and IO resources for the host controller.
  1. ESP32 module
  2. ESP32 module antenna connector
  3. Motor control interfaces
  4. INA219
    Battery voltage detection IC
  5. Power supply
  6. USB communication / downloading
  7. Lidar USB connector
  8. ESP32-IO0 button
  9. ESP32-EN button
  10. I2C device interface
  11. Lidar UART interface
  12. Bus servo control interfaces
  13. TB6612FNG
    Motor driver IC
  14. Host controller 40PIN extended header
  15. Host controller connection header
  16. I2C device interface
  17. ICM20948
    9-axis IMU attitude sensor
  18. 12V switch controlled by ESP32-IO4
  19. 12V switch controlled by ESP32-IO5

Audio Driver Board

  • Audio driver board is designed for robot host controller, onboard USB interface, suitable for Raspberry Pi 4B / Raspberry Pi 5 and other motherboards, multi-system compatible.
  • Adopts SSS1629A5 audio control chip, provides reliable audio input and output functions, supports USB interface communication, driver-free, plug and play. Onboard APA2068 audio amplifier chip, provides high-quality audio amplification to ensure clear and stable audio signal output.
  • Integrated FE1.1S USB 2.0 HUB and CH340 chips for sending data from serial peripherals such as Lidar to the host controller via USB cable without occupying too many resources of the host.
  1. Lidar UART to USB IC
  3. Type-C port
  4. Lidar UART Interface
  5. 3.5mm AUX audio jack
  6. APA2068KAI-TRG
    Audio amplifier IC
  7. SSS1629A5
    Audio control IC
  8. Cooling fan power supply header
  9. Dual-track microphone
  10. Dual-track speaker header


Outline Dimensions






Package Contains:

RaspRover PT PI5 AI Kit

RaspRover PI5 AI Kit

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