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PIR Person Detector

PIR Person Detector

A step by step tutorial to make your own PIR person detector.

Components Required:

  1. Raspberry Pi 3 B+
  2. SD Card
  3. Micro USB Cable with Adapter
  4. Monitor with HDMI cable
  5. Mouse and Keyboard
  6. Breadboard
  7. 6 Jumpers
  8. PIR Sensor



Step 1: Connect PIR Sensor with Raspberry Pi

PIR sensor has 3 labelled pins, Vcc, Gnd and Signal

Connect VCC to 5V

Gnd to Gnd

And, Signal to GPIO4 (pin 7)


Step 2: Adjust Sensor Sensitivity


The PIR sensor has 2 potentiometers:


In the image above, the right potentiometer controls sensitivity and the left potentiometer controls the timeout.

Here, we set both the sensitivity and timeout at their lowest values (anti-clockwise). It is advised to keep the timeout as low as possible and just change the sensitivity depending on the range required.

Step 3: Power up Raspberry Pi and program on python

 The code for this project can be found here.


You can bring your hand in front of sensor to detect motion. And adjust the sensitivity potentiometer according to the application environment.

 Author: Nakul Garg

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