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  • Arduino Spectrum Visualizer

    Arduino Spectrum Visualizer

    A music visualizer works by extracting waveform and/or frequency information from the music and feeding this information through some display rules, which produces what you see on the screen.
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  • Keypads interfacing with Arduino

    Keypads interfacing with Arduino

    Keypads are a great way to let users interact with your project. You can use them to navigate menus, enter passwords, and control games and robots. In this tutorial, we...
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  • VU Meter Ring

    VU Meter Ring

    We all love good music. It puts our mood right and helps us relax. A VU meter indicates the intensity of the music with LEDs.A VU meter is an abbreviation...
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  • Six Degrees of Freedom Manipulator Robotic Arm

    Six Degrees of Freedom Manipulator Robotic Arm

    Components Required: DIY Kit Arduino Uno Breadboard Power Supply Jumpers Software Required: Arduino IDE Step Wise Assemble: Manipulators can have multiple installation methods. The modules provided have very strong versatility...
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  • Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

    Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

    Components Required: Raspberry Pi 3 B+ SD Card Micro USB Cable with Adapter Monitor with HDMI cable Mouse and Keyboard Breadboard 4 Jumpers 2 , 330ohm resistors Ultrasonic Distance Sensor...
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  • PIR Person Detector

    PIR Person Detector

    The right potentiometer controls sensitivity and the left potentiometer controls the timeout.

    Here, we set both the sensitivity and timeout at their lowest (anti-clockwise). It is advised to keep the timeout as low as possible and just change the sensitivity depending on the range required.

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