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Six Degrees of Freedom Manipulator Robotic Arm

How to Make Six Degrees of Freedom Manipulator Robotic Arm

Components Required:

  1. DIY Kit
  2. Arduino Uno
  3. Breadboard
  4. Power Supply
  5. Jumpers

Software Required:

  1. Arduino IDE

Step Wise Assemble:

Manipulators can have multiple installation methods. The modules provided have very strong versatility and are easy to install according to application needs.

We just provide an installation reference, and encourage you to get creative and innovative. 

  1. Base mounting

  1. Install Arm

  1. Install the mechanical claw 

  1. Mount the mechanical claw to steering gear

Upload and Run the Code

Connect the Arduino to the computer using the USB Cable.

Open Arduino IDE software

Select the appropriate board under Tools > Board

Select the appropriate Serial Port under Tools > Port


Here is an example code that you can upload. Calibrate the angles of the arm by changing the angles in appropriate functions.


Author: Nakul Garg


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