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ThinkRobotics Technical content developer Internship Program

General Purpose:

Works as an Engineer or Writer in product, system or technology verticals, in the functional areas of: Software, Hardware, Embedded Systems, System, Document design, integration & verification.


Job Description:

As an engineer / engineering student, your technical knowledge will be a great asset in creating the product documents and technical content for our global customers through the means of our website and other social channels. A technical writer with a good command of the English language and excellent writing skills, your technical interest as well as your interviewing and information gathering skills will prove invaluable, as you work together with technical experts on complex products.

All the content you produce is yours and will be given appropriate credits, with rights of usage for ThinkRobotics.


Main Responsibility Area:

• Plan, design and execute items in own area of expertise.
• Contribute to specification reviews.
• Develop comprehensive technical documentation on Electronics, Robotics, Embedded Systems, IoT, 3D Printing.
• Write user-friendly content that meets the needs of the target audience, turning insights language that pushing users to learn.
• Evaluate current content and develop innovative approaches for improvement.
• Performs problem isolation and resolution by applying your knowledge and experience to determine root cause.



• Departments: CS / IT / IS / EEE / TCE / MEC
• Average English language skills, both verbal and written.
• Consumer focus
• Familiarity with Software / Hardware development methodologies.
• Active and energetic attitude to cope with tight deadlines; working independently, as well as in local and global (virtual) teams.
• Interviewing and information gathering and research skills.


Preferred skills:

• Basic research experience.
• Introductory knowledge of Embedded systems, Computing, Additive Manufacturing.
• DITA/topic-based writing experience.
• Rich media and interactive user documentation creation experience.

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ThinkRobotics Sales Executive
(Full Time / Part Time) 

General Purpose:

Aid in developing and deploying sales strategies for products and services offered by The product catalog will include products from the Electronics, Robotics, Mechanical components, spares industries. 



  • Electronics Sales: Executives will help customers choose electronic equipment and devices, such as modules, components, spares, and single board computers.
  • Answer Customer Questions: Since executives specialize in selling electronic devices, you may spend a significant amount of time answering customer questions about pricing and features. You may provide information to customers deciding between two different items or explain why a particular device is a better fit for a particular customer’s needs.
  • Maintain Stock and Inventory Records: You will be responsible for monitoring and recording inventory and stock levels, executives will periodically check inventory, comparing it to expected levels, taking note of discrepancies or missing stock. Executives will also monitor the sales floor to ensure that items are well stocked and correctly priced.
  • Process Returns and Exchange: In addition to selling electronic equipment and devices, executives will also process returns and exchanges, inspecting returned items for signs of damage as they process returns via cash or credit card. Additionally, executives enter returns in the store’s point-of-sale (POS) system and return items to inventory or to shelves.
  • Upsell Value-added Items: Along with selling electronic devices, executives also support sales goals by promoting value-added items such as extended warranties and device insurance. Present customers with information regarding replacement costs and insurance coverage, usually during the checkout process.


Full Time - 2 positions at Delhi office

Part Time - 1 position WFH


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