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I can teach you new technologies!

Additive Manufacturing

Open Source Software

Open Source Hardware




Introduction to AI

Easy to Build

I come in three sizes

Otto Baby

Grades: 5-7 Grade

Lean More

All Parts Included
Live Workshops
6 Hours
Computer Controlled


Grades: 8-10

Lean More

All Parts Included
Live Workshops
7 Hours
Phone / Computer Controlled

Otto Pro

Grades: 11-12

Lean More

All Parts Included
Live Workshops
8 Hours
Phone / Computer Controlled

Teachers and students love me!

his is one of the best DIY, open source projects I have seen. I bought the kit, downloaded the code, and it all just worked. I built one of the robots for a project, for my daughters' school. It was very easy, and the documentation is great. Great Job! projects like this should be supported.

-Parent, India

A great project, more than just a robot toy, a learning tool for our workshops, everything you need to have fun and learn about technology. A robot that anyone can build! for sure compared to other small robots it is the best. Thanks for the adventure!

 -Teacher, India

Best 3D printed robot on the Internet. You have many options to choose from to learn how code, use Blockly, everything related to robotics with room to grow and expand your knowledge. If you want to go further into the advanced side then is the perfect way to get there.

-Student, Nepal

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