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Precision Carbon Fiber Pultruded Square Tube (Square Inside & Out)

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Carbon Fiber Pultruded Tubes are manufactured by pulling continuous carbon fibers combined with a resin matrix through a heated steel forming die. This process is referred to as pultrusion and is used for producing continuous lengths of composite materials with constant cross-sections.

As the carbon fibers are saturated with the resin mixture and then pulled through a die, the hardening of the resin is initiated by the heat from the die and a rigid, cured tube is formed in the shape and size of the die. The majority of the fibers are running in the 0 degree direction, along the length of the tube, to produce an extremely stiff and lightweight tube with a very low coefficient of expansion. This type of construction offers a high stiffness to weight ratio tube with incredible linear strength, due to the orientation of the carbon fibers, and tight outer diameter (OD) tolerances.

Our Pultruded Carbon Fiber Tubes have a matte finish surface and are covered with a light glass scrim to improve structural integrity of the tube.

Uses Include

  • Aerospace Spars & Beams
  • UAV Housing Components
  • Frames & Supports
  • Structural Components
  • Interior Design
  • Automation Equipment
  • Recreational Equipment

Customer Reviews

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Ajay Panwar
Appreciate Quick support on replacement of shipping damage of product.

1. got fast customer support.
2. As the material is 0.5 mm thin. So, if you are trying to drill Carbon fibre, it will possible be damaged. Good with use for gluing application.

Biju Mathew
Didn't get it.

How do I complain about something I didn't get?

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