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Load image into Gallery viewer, JETANK AI Tracked Mobile Robot Kit Online
Load image into Gallery viewer, JETANK AI Tracked Mobile Robot Kit Online
Load image into Gallery viewer, JETANK AI Tracked Mobile Robot Kit Online
Load image into Gallery viewer, JETANK AI Tracked Mobile Robot Kit Online
Load image into Gallery viewer, JETANK AI Tracked Mobile Robot Kit
Load image into Gallery viewer, JETANK AI Tracked Mobile Robot Kit Online

JETANK AI Tracked Mobile Robot Kit

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JETANK AI Kit, AI Tracked Mobile Robot, AI Vision Robot, Based On Waveshare Jetson Nano Dev Kit (Optional)

This is an intelligent crawler robot specially designed for the NVIDIA JetBot AI project, based on the Jetson Nano Developer Kit. The expansion board integrates OLED, motor drive circuit, servo drive circuit, power supply circuit, battery protection circuit, etc., which saves you the trouble of welding the circuit, supports unloading charging and does not need to repeatedly remove the battery. The software is fully compatible with the NVIDIA JetBot AI project and supports intelligent obstacle avoidance, autonomous line patrol, motion detection, color recognition tracking, and other functions. The robot is also equipped with a four-degree-of-freedom mechanical arm, which is controlled by a three-dimensional coordinate system and can be flexibly controlled by a wireless gamepad.

Expansion board Features

  • Onboard three 18650 batteries, up to 12.6V voltage output, stronger motor power.
  • Onboard S-8254AA + AO4407A lithium battery protection circuit, with anti-overcharge, anti-over-discharge, anti-over-current and short-circuit protection functions.
  • The onboard APW7313 voltage regulator chip can provide a stable 5V voltage to the Jetson Nano.
  • The onboard SY8286 voltage regulator chip can provide a maximum current of 5A to the steering gear.
  • The onboard TB6612FNG dual H-bridge motor driver chip can drive the left and right motors to work.
  • Onboard 0.91-inch 128×32 resolution OLED, real-time display of car IP address, memory, power, etc.
  • The onboard INA219 acquisition chip is convenient for real-time monitoring of battery voltage and charging current.

The Waveshare Jetson Nano Dev Kit incorporates Jetson Nano Module with 16GB eMMC and 4GB RAM. Jetson Nano is a small, powerful computer, which delivers 472 GFLOPS for running modern AI algorithms fast, with a quad-core Cortex-A57 CPU and a 128-core Maxwell GPU.It is widely used for deep learning, computer vision, GPU computing, multimedia processing,and much more. Many popular AI frameworks are supported, such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe / Caffe2, Keras, and MXNet, etc.

Note: the Waveshare Jetson Nano Dev Kit is optional.

Quality Chassis With Track

Adopting 37-520 Full-Metal DC Gearmotor, High Torque, Low Noise

4-DOF Robotic Arm

180° Wide Angle Rotation, Flexible Controlling

Quality Serial Bus Full-Metal Digital Servo

High Torque, High Precision, Preventing It From Being Stuck And Damaged

Auto Collision Avoidance

Collecting Data Via Camera By Taking Enough Images Of Different Conditions, Using The Data To Train The Neutral Network, Combined With AI Algorithm, Finally Achieving Auto Collision Avoidance On Sorts Of Environments.

Deep Learning, Autonomous Driving

Motion Detection

Capturing Moving Objects On The Video By Motion Detection


Color Recognition & Tracking

Recognizing And Locking Specified Color By Camera,
And Then Using Pan & Tilt To Track The Specified Color Automatically


Gamepad Teleoperation

Easier To Use, More Flexible

3D Coordinate System Controlled Robotic Arm

Calculated Via Inverse Kinematics Algorithm

input coordinate of the target, calculating the moving angles of the 4-DOF servos by inverse kinematics algorithm, and then controlling the servos via serial bus, moving the robotic arm to reach target position

JupyterLab Programming

JupyterLab is a web-based interactive development environment, supports multi data formats including code, document, image/video, UI control interface, etc., provides rich visualized output, allows easily creating dashboard and UI, supports flexible configuration and arrangement for modular interface.

8MP 160° FOV Camera

IMX219 Sensor, 3280×2464 Resolution

Dual-Band Wireless AC8265

High Speed WiFi, Stable Bluetooth Communication, Low Latency

Highly Integrated Expansion Board

Rechargeable, Battery Voltage Monitor, No Messy Wiring, Simple Assembly



Package Contains

  1. OPTIONAL ThinkRobotics B01 Jetson Nano Dev Kit, including:
    • Jetson Nano carrier board
    • Jetson Nano 4GB Module 
    • NVIDIA official heatsink
    • Assembled
  2. 1x Aluminum alloy kit
  3. 1x JETANK expansion board
  4. 1x Wireless-AC8265 with antenna
  5. 1x IMX219-160 Camera
  6. 1x Acrylic camera spacer
  7. 1x Camera FFC
  8. 1x 0.91inch OLED
  9. 1x 12.6V 2A power supply + additional EU head
  10. 1x Robotic arm gripper
  11. 1x Thrust bearing
  12. 2x Flange bearing
  13. 2x Coupler
  14. 2x Gearmotor
  15. 1x 5264 servo wire
  16. 2x Track kit (including bolt, nut, and screwdriver)
  17. 1x 2*5Pin wire
  18. 1x Spanner
  19. 1x L-form hex socket spanner 2PCS
  20. 4x SCS15-AP servo
  21. 1x Screwdriver 2PCS
  22. 1x SCS15-S servo
  23. 1x Card reader
  24. 2x Mini cross wrench sleeve
  25. 1x Cooling fan
  26. 1x PH2.0 4PIN dual connector cable
  27. 1x Screws pack
  28. The 18650 batteries are NOT included

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