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Monthly Feature

  • What is Garbage Collection?

    What is Garbage Collection?

    Garbage Collection (GC) is a mechanism that allows for the automatic reclamation of unused memory blocks. Programmers allocate memory dynamically, but when a block is no longer required, they do not have to explicitly return it to the system with a free() call. 
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  • MQ2 Sensor Overview

    MQ2 Sensor Overview

    MQ2 is a Gas sensor Module that can be used to sense gases like LPG (Cooking Gas), Smoke, Alcohol, Hydrogen, Methane, and Carbon Monoxide concentrations in air. This type of sensor is suitable in making projects like Air Quality monitoring systems, fire alarms, Gas Leakage detection, Alcohol detection-based Ignition system
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  • 3D Printing: Industrial Revolution 2.0

    3D Printing: Industrial Revolution 2.0

    Affordability and swiftness with precision are the main factors for its popularity and growth. An entrepreneur working on a product equipped with freedom of complexity of design and ability to produce realistic prototypes with lowest possible cost is the perfect success story of 3D printing.
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