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HiWonder ROSOrin - Multimodal ROS Robot Development Platform

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ROSOrin - Multimodal ROS Robot Development Platform



Multimodal Composite Robot

ROSOrin is equipped with a wide range of high-performance configurations, providing powerful computing ability and stability. Additionally, it supports various motion chassis.

High performance hardware
Mapping Navigation, Path Planning

Mapping Navigation, Path Planning

ROSOrin is capable of autonomously perceiving its environment, determining its location, and planning paths. Additionally, it can achieve high-accuracy mapping, multi-point navigation, and obstacle avoidance.

3D Vision, Target Tracking

By utilizing the RTAB SLAM algorithm and integrating vision and LiDAR data, ROSLander can navigate and avoid obstacles in 3D maps.With depth map data collected by the 3D depth camera, users can create and deploy simulation environments for tasks such as target tracking, and bridge crossing.

3D Vision, Autonomous Transport

Deep Learning, Practical Training

Deep Learning, Practical Training

Establish a multi-scene training and testing platform to accommodate small-space venues. To cater to beginners' needs, it can be programmed to include functions such as autonomous driving, SLAM mapping, autonomous navigation, obstacle avoidance, autonomous reverse parking, and traffic light recognition.

Compatible with ROS1/ ROS2

The programs and source codes of ROSOrin are open-source and compatible with both ROS1 and ROS2. WonderNEX produces course materials such as ROS, robot hardware structure, and simulation teaching to provide users with a comprehensive deep learning platform.

Compatible with ROS1/ ROS2


Product Parameter

Overall specification Size 275*211*165mm
Weight 2.64kg
Chassis type Mecanum-wheel, Ackermann & differential chassis
Material 6061 hard aluminium alloy
Control system Jetson Nano B01 controller + STM32 robot car controller
Control method iOS/ Android APP, wireless handle, model aircraft remote controller
Operating system Ubuntu 18.04 LTS + ROS Melodic
Programming language Python/C/C++/JavaScript
Camera Angstrong HP60C 3D depth camera
Lidar SLAMTEC S2L Lidar
Chassis Suspension structure Rear-wheel swing-arm design
Tyre 100mm Mecanum-wheel/ 80mm labyrinth-pattern wheel
Motor Hall encoder DC gear motor
Motor speed ratio 1:90
Power supply Battery capacity 11.1V 6000mAh LiPo battery
Plug DC5.5*2.5 Female/ SM-2P Male

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