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MAX6675 Module with K Type Thermocouple Sensor Temperature

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The MAX6675 Thermocouple Temperature Module is a K-Type thermocouple with digital converter that has a range of 0°C up to 80°C with the supplied thermocouple and up to 1024°C with a suitable high temp thermocouple.

Thermocouples work on the principal that dissimilar metals that are welded together at a single point will create a small voltage that will vary with the temperature. The main advantage of thermocouples over typical thermal sensing electronics such as the DS18B20 is that the sensing range can go much higher since a robust metallic probe is used to sense the temperature while the electronics hang back in a safe location.  The flip side is that the reading may not be quite as accurate using a thermocouple.


  • Module uses MAX6675 IC which can handle readings from 0°C to 1024°C
  • Supplied thermocouple probe rated for up to 80°C with 1/4″ -20 threaded tip
  • 0.25°C resolution, ±3°C accuracy
  • Uses 3-wire SPI interface
  • 3 – 5.5V operation



  • MAX6675 Thermocouple Temperature Module
    18″ long thermocouple
    5 wire F/F jumper cable



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