• Neo Pixel

    Neo Pixel

    Here is your guide to creating the RGB color pixels and strips with the Neo Pixel insta tutorial.
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  • Oscilloscope


    Display and analyse electronic signals waveforms with this arduino based Oscilloscope.  Check out the DIY tutorial here
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  • LCD Game

    LCD Game

    Creating LCD Games is easy and quick. Follow the codes for your first game. Herekeep innovating!
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  • Keypad Buzzer

    Keypad Buzzer

    Let's hear music as you command your electronic keypad to various notes and tunes with this arduino based STEM DIY. Here's the code.
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  • Calculator with Arduino

    Calculator with Arduino

    Do calculations on a self designed, self stylised calculator you can create using arduino. Click here for the insta tutorial
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  • Buzzer Music

    Buzzer Music

    A simple buzzer can create music! Learn and create with this insta tutorial  
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