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Load image into Gallery viewer, TSOP1738 IR Receiver
Load image into Gallery viewer, TSOP1738 IR Receiver

TSOP1738 IR Receiver

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TSOP 1738 sensor is a miniaturized receiver for IR (infrared) remote control systems. TSOP IR sensor consists of a PIN diode and a preamplifier on the lead frame. The epoxy package contains an IR filter.

The sensor is compatible with controllers and processors. The demodulated output goes to microprocessor or control and gets decoded directly.


  • Voltage supply: 3-5V
  • Typical voltage supply: 5V
  • Operating supply: 5mA
  • Detecting frequency: 38KHz
  • Detection angle: 90 degree
  • High range
  • Wide coverage area
  • Built-in PIN diode and preamplifier
  • Respond only IR signal
  • Low power consumption
  • Package contains: 1 x TSOP1738

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